About Us

Cat cafe Social Point in Prague — what is it and how does it work?

Our goal is to provide a place for those who would like to live a life outside of the internet. So many people nowadays are immersed in social networks and forget about real life with its vast array of interesting things to do.

Cat cafe Social Point in Prague is a space where people can meet each other, communicate and spend time. And that’s not all: our place is home to several cats who play, sleep and live here. We offer fresh baked muffins, a cup of coffee, tea and snacks to all who choose to join us here, where you can use the internet for free, play games or watch a movie.

We are a social project, and each guest helps not only the cats who live here, but cats still living in a shelter as well. The first hour here costs 90kc and includes unlimited internet, games, tea and snacks. All that and a cup of coffee and a muffin too! Each additional hour is 60kc.

Тайм-Кафе в Праге

There are  several rooms for spending time and rest in our time-cafe with cats:

123Living Room You can sit here and have a cup of coffee or tea, communicate with each other and play some games.


234Cinema Room This is our mini-cinema room with a projector for playing movies or xbox. You can bring your BD, DVD or flash drive and watch a movie. If you’re more of a sports fan than a movie fan, you can watch your favorite sports here too. Watching sports on a big screen is much more entertaining with friends. If you want to be sure of your movie choice, this room can be privately rented to watch your favorite movie or sports in.

51Cat Room Our cats’ home, where they live, play and sleep. We have a special kids’ corner, where children can play, draw and make friends.


55Learning Room This a room for courses, seminars and meetings. It comes with a projector, boards for drawing and class tables.


77Kitchen Where you can have a cup of coffee, tea and a muffin and/or snacks. Also you can use the microwave oven and kettle to prepare simple meals.